5th Workshop on Visualization for the Digital Humanities

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

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Accepted Papers


Supporting Expert Close Analysis of Historical Scientific Writings: A Case Study for Near-by Reading
Andrew McNutt, Agatha Kim, Sergio Elahi, Kazutaka Takahashi

Bio-inspired Structure Identification in Language Embeddings
Hongwei (Henry) Zhou, Oskar Elek, Pranav Anand, Angus G. Forbes

Augmenting Sheet Music with Rhythmic Fingerprints
Daniel Fürst, Matthias Miller, Daniel Keim, Alexandra Bonnici, Hanna Schäfer, Mennatallah El-Assady

ViS-Á-ViS : Detecting Similar Patterns in Annotated Literary Text
Moshe Schorr, Oren Mishali, Benny Kimelfeld, Ophir Münz-Manor

Pilaster: A Collection of Citation Metadata Extracted From Publications on Visualization for the Digital Humanities
Alejandro Benito-Santos, Roberto Therón

Visualizing a Large Spatiotemporal Collection of Historic Photography with a Generous Interface
Taylor Arnold, Nathaniel Ayers, Justin Madron, Robert Nelson, Lauren Tilton

Externalizing Transformations of Historical Documents: Opportunities for Provenance-Driven Visualization
Tomas Vancisin, Mary Orr, Uta Hinrichs

Literal Encoding: Text is a first-class data encoding
Richard Brath