7th Workshop on Visualization for the Digital Humanities

16 October 2022 - IEEE VIS 2022

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We are happy to announce that the 7th edition of VIS4DH — the Workshop on Visualization for the Digital Humanities — will again take place as part of the IEEE VIS conference (16–21 October 2022) in Oklahoma City, OK, USA. This year’s IEEE VIS conference including the VIS4DH workshop will be held in a hybrid format and are both planned to include virtual as well as in-person parts.

The VIS4DH workshop brings together researchers and practitioners from the fields of visualization and the humanities to discuss new research directions at the intersection of visualization and (digital) humanities research. Papers and invited talks from previous years can be found here.


In this year’s workshop we invite you to explore and discuss aspects of multimodality. Human expression has myriad forms: painting, music, dance, fashion, cooking, and other artistic or cultural efforts are more than just visual experiences but incorporate hearing, touch, and even taste. This multimodality raises both reflective and creative questions about the role of visualization. What do we lose when we reduce these rich multisensory experiences, artifacts, or collections down to data visualizations, and how can we compensate for or offset these losses? How can we augment visualizations with other experiential modes, and can these augmentations improve the accessibility, viscerality, or impact of our data? In other words, what does it mean for visualization to exist beyond the visual?

Multimodality is an emerging and promising area of research in the digital humanities. There is a consideration of multimodality in terms of input: the forms of expression (like music, text, and artworks) that have traditionally not been well-supported by existing visualization techniques or tools, as well as in terms of output: how we might leverage new modes of expression in our presentations of data, using techniques like sonification, data physicalization, AR/VR, and even olfaction or edibilization.

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